Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Je suis en Afrique!

So after three plane rides and a 7 hour layover, we arrived in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.  Amazingly enough all of our luggage made it too!  As soon as we walked through customs, we were greeted by Angelika and Beckie.  Angelika and her husband Rod are the directors of Journey Corps and Beckie is our French teacher.  It is hot and humid here, even at 9pm when we first stepped out into the African air.  After loading up all our luggage we drove to a Christian school in Abidjan to stay for the night.  The next morning we left bright and early for Boauké where we will live for the next three or so months.  The drive north was beautiful and not too bumpy!  They have a great road that bridges the south to the north.  It is the end of the rainy season so everything is green and jungle like. 

So much has happened and I haven’t been able to completely process everything so this may be a little incoherent, like my thoughts.  I would actually love to hear what you guys would like to hear about and I can write accordingly.  If you want to hear about day to day activities or people or food or culture or language learning just let me know.  The internet is quite spotty so it takes a long time and we only have two hours a week to be on.  Due to this I will try to write my blogs ahead of time so I can just post them when I am actually able to connect to the internet.

As of now, all I will write is that I am loving my experience overall!  The school we are staying at it beautiful and huge!  It used to be a school for missionary kids, but when the war started in 2004 everyone had to be evacuated.  So it can be a bit eerie at times with all the empty dorms and classrooms.  It is crazy how much they had to do to get our dorm clean and ready for us to live in it.  Things fall apart and grow over really quickly here and I think some of our responsibilities will include cleaning up different buildings hopefully for future use.

We are going into the town for the first time today, so next time I can write, I will write about that experience.  For now, au revoir!

<3 love you,
heidi paige.

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  1. Glad you arrived safely. I want to hear about all of it! Can you post photos? Praying for you. - Melanie Lemley