Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tomorrow is the DAYYY!!!

Tomorrow morning bright and early we will be packing up and going to Denver Airport and so our 35 hour travels begin!!!  Mornings are just my least favorite, I feel a little sick during them anyways but be praying for my butterflies as I am feeling a little nervous :)  God is so faithful in giving me peace and rest.  I am so thankful for my team.  God has blessed us with a team of people lovers.  We are a family now.  Only knowing each other 72 hours and already able to joke with each other, laugh with each other and pray with each other. 

God has been teaching me so much already about being flexible and I know this will be a major theme in travel and throughout the next year.  I love you and am unbelievably grateful for your prayers.  I know that they are working in the fact that all my bags are packed and under 50 pounds.  I will try to post a blog when I arrive in Cote d'Ivoire.

Bon Voyage!  :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Day of Training!

Okay so I am the beautiful city of Littleton, CO!  The mountains and trees are gorgeous and it really feels like fall.  I met my team yesterday and if any of you are familiar with the Real World, it was kind of a similar experience.  We met each other at the airport and were taken in a van to our new home.  Once we got there we had to find the room with our name on it and find out who our room mate would be.  I was paired with this girl named Holly.  She is 20 years old and from Seattle.  I like her a lot, except she says I snore :)  haha I do!
I love our group!  7 girls and 3 boys.  We took a personality test and talked about our results to today.  It is so funny how obvious everyone's personality is even though we just met.  It was  DISC assessment and the D is a person who is a little more dominant, leading and direct.  The I is for someone who is a people person, loves being in big groups, wants everyone to like them and is relational based.  The S is for someone who loves people but in smaller one on one settings.  They are sensitive and like to listen to what others have to say.  And the C is for people who are exact, enjoy problem solving and deep thinking as well as details. 
Can you guys guess what I was???  I can be more than one and am each at differing levels.
We have training til four and then I think we are going a really scenic hike nearby the campus.
I miss you already and am praying for you!  Thank you for your prayers and thoughts as well!
<3 Heidi

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sixteen days.

i am having a hard time writing an entry.  i think this is because i am not sure exactly what i am feeling or because my feelings are conflicted.  this next week and half until i leave for training and then africa will be filled with such excitement, and yet a certain amount of sorrow as well.  i may not have access to the internet as much as i thought i would.  maybe even as little as once a month.  i am comforted by the fact that i can come to GOD at any time.  no internet connection necessary.  

in a little over two weeks i will be in my new home for the next year.  i am filled with joy and anticipation for this time (understatement of a lifetime). <3