Monday, January 24, 2011

The Journey Continues...

So I am back in Bouake. Beckie’s CT scan that everything is fine, so her parents were more ok with her staying and not being medically evacuated which I was happy about. But be praying for her, she is still in a whole lot of pain and is still experiencing some vertigo. A whole lot of rest is in order, and as Americans that is a difficult thing to do.

I had a great time in Bamako, pictures to come! :) We stayed at the SIL (Wycliffe) guesthouse in Bamako and we were on the 5th floor!! It was a sweet view of the city and the Niger River, especially at night with the city lights. I realized I kind of miss cities :)

At any rate things are kind of heating up down in Abidjan just because it has been quiet for so long and nothing is happening, I think people are starting to stir up something. Here in Bouake they are having strikes right now. When people strike here, it means don't leave you house and there is no school. I am safe here on campus and things in town are opening up again today. We are leaving for Korhogo tomorrow to begin our orientation up there. We will stay on the Bible school campus in the guesthouse for week to get acclimated to where the market is and such and then a week from this Monday with will have a time to meet our new families!!! We are going to invite them to come for a three day introduction time. We will explain more about Journey Corps to them and hopefully just start to get to know them.

I am excited because I found out yesterday that Devin and Chazz are going to be living with the family that I stayed with here in Bouake, the Bambas. I am super happy for them because they are such a great little family and I think they will really enjoy it! None of the Korhogo families have been decided but it is most likely that the area I am going to be living in has small houses so I probably will be living alone but Alyssa and CJ will live in the same "neighborhood" or cartier as me. Oh and we are all getting bikes!! I am super excited but it will be a challenge to ride in a panya, they are quite
restricting. It is the fabric here that you just wrap around you waste like you would a towel after showering. Not the most secure thing seemingly, but it holds quite well! :)

It is hard to believe the day has come when we leave our little home here on the school campus. It will be so strange, but in a way this is the day we have all been waiting for. Be praying for our families, you know how challenging it will be for them to have Americans living in their homes :) We're a bit wild. Not quite house trained the Ivorian way. So I am about to say au revoir to shorts and pants and hello to panyas and skirts! :) Wish me luck!

Love you and miss you. Praying for you to experience God's love and plan for your lives clearly this day and for you to have the courage to do what He says. Been learning a lot about obeying God's word. That is mentioned a lot by Jesus and throughout the Old Testament so I think it is pretty important. Feeling more burdened to share him with people here, pray for my language learning, and that my life will shine bright when I can't think of the words to tell about my Savior.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God has
prepared for those who love him. 1 Corinthians 2: 9

In His Hands,
Heidi Paige <3

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  1. Heidi, I'm so excited about your next steps. Living with a family in Africa is such a rewarding experience. We lived with a LARGE family (one husband, four wives, 18 children and ?# of grandchildren) when we were in Cameroon. It was a very special time. Praying that God uses you to make his name famous! Love, Melanie L.